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year/año: 2012
issue/numero: # 04

The book:

In Eufrasia’s Word
Claudia Lage
Original title: Mundos de Eufrásia
ISBN: 978-85-01-08335-7
Publication year: 2009
Original publishing house: Editora Record
Number of pages: 418
Total printing in Brazil: 8.140 copies


The novel In Eufrásia’s Worlds is about the lives and love story of two great Brazilians, the idealistic abolitionist Joaquim Nabuco and the millionaire businesswoman Eufrásia Teixeira Leite, against the backdrop of Brazil’s late- 19th and early-20th-century cultural and socio-economic transformations. Eufrásia Teixeira Leite was a woman ahead of her time. Unlike most girls at nineteenth century, she was brought up by her father to be the heir and manager of his immense fortune. After his death, she takes over the family business and surprises everyone with her talent to both administrate and multiply her fortune, guaranteeing her economical independence when Brazil was still under imperial regime. However, her sister never allowed her to forget the promise she made to her father on his deathbed - she promised him she would never marry. This was a high price Eufrásia had to pay, which condemned her love story with Joaquim Nabuco. Even so, Eufrásia wanted them to marry and sign an antenuptial agreement setting out the terms of possession of their assets, as in Brazil at that time women’s assets were automatically transferred to their husbands once they married. But Nabuco felt extremely offended by this suggestion and never accepted it. Their romance lasted 15 years, nonetheless. They never married, and after their final break-up Eufrásia led a lonely and reserved life. She passed away in 1928, leaving all her fortune to her hometown, Vassouras, recommending that hospitals and schools were built with the money.

Prize finalist Prêmio São Paulo
literatura 2010 – Best novel -
Newcomer author

Press reviews
O Globo (newspaper) Prosa e Verso:
Review: Uma parceria amorosa.

Jornal de literatura Rascunho
(newspaper): Review: Quando o amor é refém de seu tempo.

Isto É (magazine). Review:
O romance secreto de Joaquim
Nabuco. 10/06/2009 IM+NABUCO?pathImagens=&path=&actualArea=internalPage

The author

Claudia Lage Flores Menezes
Pen name:
Claudia Lage

Other books: 
1) A pequena morte e outras naturezas [The Little Death and Other States of Nature], Record, 2000. - 3.000 copies 

2) Labirinto da palavra, [labyrinth of word] Record, 2013. -5.000 copies 

Short stories Feito tatuagem, in Recontando Machado. Rio de Janeiro. Ed. Record. 2008 Uma Alegria, em 25 Mulheres que estão fazendo a nova literatura, Rio de Janeiro. Ed. Record. 2004. Audiência, em Ficções Fraternas. Rio de Janeiro. Ed. Record. 2003. Estilhaços, em Todos os sentidos . Rio de Janeiro. Cl. edições Autorais. 2003. 


Rio Arte Stanislaw Ponte Preta short story competition. 1996. Best Shortstory A hora do galo. 1996. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil. Radio França Internacional Guimarães Rosa short story award. 2001. Best Shortstory Uma alegria. 2001. Paris. França. Prize finalist São Paulo literatura award – Best novel - Newcomer author. 2010. Mundos de Eufrásia. 2009. São Paulo. SP. Brasil.

The Translator

Alison Entrekin 

Alison is a freelance literary translator specializing in Brazilian Portuguese, with a background in creative writing. She has translated numerous works by Brazilian writers, including CITY OF GOD, by Paulo Lins; THE ETERNAL SON, by Cristovão Tezza, which was shortlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Prize; NEAR TO THE WILD HEART, by Clarice Lispector; and BUDAPEST, by Chico Buarque, which was voted one of the 10 best books published in the UK in 2004. 

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For negotiating publication rights please contact the writer:
Claudia Lage
55 -21- 2704-0538/ celular: 21 – 7278.4142
Av. Jornalista Alberto Francisco Torres 99/1201 (bloco b)
Icaraí – Niterói – RJ - Brasil

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