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year/año: 2015
issue/numero: # 07

The book:

The Colours of Slavery
Ieda de Oliveira
Original title: As Cores da Escravidão
ISBN: 978-85-322-8422-8
Publication year: 2013
Original publishing house: FTD
Number of pages: 96
Total printing in Brazil: 23.500 copies


The book tells the story of Tonny, a poor boy who dreams of a better life. Encouraged by the stories told by his grandmother Tonny convinces his friend John to join him and follow a coyote who shows up in town summoning young men to work with the promise of “making quick money.” However, the true reality turns out to be everything but. Lost innocence, broken dreams and subjugated childhood eventually give place to hope, compassion, friendship, and love in this captivating story about the endurance of the human spirit. An inspiring page turner that will remain with young readers long after they finish reading the last page.

The author

Ieda Maria Pereira Fonseca de Oliveira
Pen name:
Ieda de Oliveira

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The illustrator
Rogério Borges

The Translator

Alison Entrekin

Alison is a freelance literary translator specializing in Brazilian Portuguese, with a background in creative writing.

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