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Brazilian Literature in Translation / Literatura Brasileña en Traducción

Issue / Numero

year/año: 2012
issue/numero: # 03

The Neighbor

Author | Autor: Roger Mello

Translated by Laurie Anne Carpenter | Illustrated by Graça Lima and Mariana Massarani

Those that pass by the street of Restlessness, number 38, don’t realize it, but...

The neighbor man from 101 has coffee while he looks at animal engravings.

The neighbor lady from 102 has already returned from the marathon.

The neighbor man collects old vinyl records from the 50s.

The neighbor lady stores old things that she can’t find later.

He traveled the entire world.

She has a bookcase the size of the world.

He waters plants on the windowsill, dressed in a deep sea diving suit, and when he
reads comic books, he always loses track of time.

She is still going to learn to play the clarinet, and her clock hasn’t worked for
a long time.

Four forty: he leaves with his canary for a walk.

Twenty before five: she finally takes the clock to get fixed.

This is the only time they meet.

In the hallway: good afternoon, good afternoon, how have you been? How is the
weather? And that’s it.

Twenty to Six: he is back, building a paper city.

A little after six: she brought home a “Manual of the Modern Chemist”. The repair
of the clock, once again, is left for tomorrow.

He invented a rainmaking machine, and the neighbor lady doesn’t know.

She feeds a rhino under the sink, and the neighbor man has no idea.

He has a niece almost the same age as her grandson.

She has a grandson two fingers shorter than his niece.

The other day, the neighbor’s niece paid him a visit.

On the exact same day that the grandson came to spend the day with the
neighbor lady.

Four Forty: the neighbor goes out with his canary. His niece snoops.

Twenty to Five: The neighbor lady took the clock to be fixed. Her grandson observes.

Open doors and an irresistible invitation: coffee with comics watering can all the
books in the world Manual of the Modern Chemist lot of old stuff plants animals
clarinet old vinyl records

from the 50s marathon clothes rainmaking machine rhino fotos from the entire
world engravings engravings engravings deep sea diving suit paper cities...

After the niece and the grandson have gone home,

the silence rehearsed a half dozen dance steps.

While he has his coffee, the neighbor man imagines all the things that exist on the
other side. One of these days he is going to invite the neighbor lady to come in.

If he invites her, she will accept.

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