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Brazilian Literature in Translation / Literatura Brasileña en Traducción

Issue / Numero

year/año: 2012
issue/numero: # 03


Author | Autor: Silvana Tavano

Translated by Jay Silva | Illustrated by Daniel Kondo

Quiet down!
Silence is almost asleep...

No way!
He is only thinking.

How do you know?
I bet he is sleepy!
Just because he closed his eyes?
You don’t understand anything….
Then tell me: what is he thinking?

Well, that is impossible to tell.
I just think that Silence is trying to concentrate on something.

Concentrating, huh?
Is he meditating?

Or saying a prayer: have you ever seen Silence praying? It looks just like this.
Hold on! All of sudden, he is frowning…
Now he seems very worried. What could it be?

Maybe an algebra problem or a big fight with his best friend…
I don’t know. Silence has the habit of hiding his problems.
I really would like to ask, but I don’t want him to close the door in my face and be
all quiet.
Well, don’t worry then. Sometimes Silence frowns for no reason. This can all be
sheer laziness and nothing else.
I am not so sure.
Silence is full of mysteries …
That’s a good thing, right?
Who else could we trust when we need to keep a secret?

It just hurts me to see Silence drowning himself in sadness.
When he gets this way, all curled up, is so… So…

Awww! It breaks my heart!
This makes me want to hug him and tell him something to make him feel better…
Don’t worry about it! Just stay close to him, praying for his sadness to go away soon.

With his enigmatic way, he confuses people. Everyone might start thinking that
Silence is shy.
Well, when that is the reason, we can easily tell…
How about when he is truly hurt? He has to swallow so many things. Silence
becomes HUGE!
And the worse thing is that he insists on carrying the burden all by himself. As he
gets bigger and bigger, things can only get harder...

But when he gets angry, back off! Even the air gets heavier when he gets this way.

Well, that’s different. When Silence can’t hold things inside anymore: he blows up,
of course.

All that is very true, but I think that the Silence of this story is kind of… I don’t know.
It could be that he has nothing to say.
Sometimes things are like this: we don’t have anything to say.
And there are those days when we want to unplug, and just be…

In vacation mode, chilling out.
It is nice to feel Silence so relaxed!
Super calm.

Shhh! Quiet down!
I still think that Silence just wants to take a nap.

Now he relaxed all the way.
It must feel good.
Here comes the first yawn… Hmmm, I think I want to yawn too!
Stretching to all sides…

Oh no! If he keeps stretching like this…
…There won’t be any more space left in the pag…

…only silence is left
William Shakespeare

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